Underfloor Lifting System

Vector Lifting Underfloor Lifting System

Taiwan High Speed Rail - Underfloor Lifting System
12 Car Underfloor Lifting System - 300m simultaneous lift

Vector Lifting has developed the underfloor lifting system to ensure unparalleled efficiency and safety within railway maintenance facilities. The Underfloor Lifting System allows maintenance crew to simultaneously lift train sets to an elevated height to allow personnel to safely work underneath the carriage. Once raised the Body Support frame supports the carriage while the bogie rails lower the train bogie back to the track to allow them to be rolled away for servicing. When the ULS is not in use it is stored in a pit and leaves a flat traffic able floor with in the maintenance facility.

Seen above is a 300m long and 720 tonnes High Speed train in Taiwan elevated by the Vector Lifting 12 car underfloor lifting system which allows for a simultaneous lift which is believed to be the longest single train lift anywhere in the world. The cantilevered system provides 2.4m of lift.

Vector Lifting has installed a number of Underfloor Lifting Systems (ULS) throughout Australiasia including:

·         Craigieburn Train Maintenance Facility (VicTrains) 

·         Nowergup (Perth Transport Authority) 

·         Claisebrook Maintenance Depot (Perth Transport Authority)

·         Taiwan High Speed Rail (Taiwan)

Images of each job can be seen below


Typical Elevation of 3 car Underfloor Lifting Sytem.


1. Complete Turn Key Project
2. Safety in bogie removal and replacement
3. Ease of operation and Maintenance 
4. In Built safety features
5. Built to Australian Standards and Quality Standard ISO9001
Craigieburn Train Maintenance Facility - Underfloor Lifting System
Underfloor Lifting System
  Underfloor Lifting System- Craigieburn Maintenance Facility
Underfloor Lifting System
 Removal of Bogie
Underfloor Lifting System
 Engaging the Body Support
Master Control Console - Showing touch screen and control system