Special Cranes

Special Cranes
Purpose-built and designed heavy industrial cranes are our specialty. When you talk to us about the requirements you have for your heavy lifting industrial needs, chances are we’ll put you in touch with other clients for whom we have made similar cranes. Talk to an expert who understands and designs the unit accordingly more

Articulated Jib Cranes
Articulated, slewing, special design features are all available from Vector Lifting. The articulated models like this are designed to assist in maneuverability in tight circumstances or when the working area for the lift is restricted through obstacles or safety more

Extendible Jib Cranes
If you need a slewing jib crane which can fit in a tight area, yet still lift all types of material efficiently as required, the extendable jib crane could be the answer. This particular model features a 1500kg capacity with a 3 metre swing plus an extra 1 metre extension; a slew angle of 180 degrees; plus hoist, trolley and full electrics. They can be supplied in various capacities and swings to suit each client's requirements. As far as fixing is concerned, they could be braced to an existing column like this one or it could be freestanding more

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