Railway & Train Jacks

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Vector Lifting are designers and manufacturers of a variety of heavy rail vehicle and train lifting systems, and with extensive experience in the Railway Industry, have developed leading technologies to provide superior products to satisfy all types of service demands. Through 25 years of experience Vector Lifting have developed a range of fixed and mobile Heavy Railway Jacks to suit a variety of locomotives, wagons and rail maintenance vehicles. Jacks feature cantilevered extendable anvils for positioning and vehicle pick up, as well as double lifting jack systems incorporating both vehicle lift and bogie removal.

Jacks are offered in groups of four or in multiple group configuration for synchronised vehicle lifts, in both mobile and fixed arrangements. Mobile jacks, depending on capacity and depot requirements, can be manually positioned or electrically driven, or installed to traverse on fixed workshop rails.

Heavy Railway and Train Jack Design Range and Options:

 Train Jacks, Locomotive Jacks

- Single Jack Capacities: 5 to 50 tonne
- Height of lift customised to customer requirements
- Extendable or fixed lifting anvils. (Extendable designs offer both manual or electric operation)
- Single or double anvil jacks
- Fixed or mobile units
- Radio control or fixed position operation
- Load detection
- Complete turn-key products

Standard Safety features include:

- Self Locking Lifting Spindle
- Lift Synchronisation
- Lift Nut Wear Limit Detection
- Full Capacity Secondary Safety Nut
- Lowering Obstruction Detection
- Lift and Lower Travel Limits
- Lifting Claw Extension and Retraction


Complete Customisation  with varying site demands, customer preferences and functional requirements, Vector Lifting has the capability to offer products tailored to suit project specifications.

Wagon Jacks, Ore Car Jacks

15t Ore Wagon Jacks - Rio Tinto

Wagon Jacks, Ore Car Jacks, Rio Tinto Jacks

15t Ore Wagon Jacks - Rio Tinto - allowing for maintenance on the wheelsets

Wagon Jacks, Ore Car Jacks, Rio Tinto Jacks, Jacks

Train Jacks, Locomotive Jacks, Railway Jacks

Train Jacks

Light Train Jacks

Various Train Jacks