Pallet Assembly Tables

Vector Lifting Pallet Assembly Tables

Our Pallet Assembly Tables (PATs) solve several problems and difficulties encountered by warehouses and distribution centres. Ergonomically designed to avoid unnecessary lifting and bending by packers and other store people, you will eliminate back problems and other muscular complaints which cause lost time and productivity along with lost profits. Your employees will work in a safer and more efficient work place more


  • Maximum Capacity: 1000kg (including pallet). At the L.C.P.
  • Class: C7 M5 (AS 1418)
  • Lifting Speed: 6MPH.(NOM.) (100mm/s)
  • Lifting Height: 800mm (NOM.)
  • Floor Tolerance: +3mm over pallet assembly area
  • Power Supply: 415V
  • KW-Requirement: 2.2 KW
  • Pallet Table: 350kg
  • Column: 370kg
  • Ramp: 125kg