Locomotive & Bogie Turntables

Vector Lifting has completed the Designs, manufactures and installation of Locomotive Turntables throughout Australia. The Locomotive turntables are designed to rotate locomotives to ensure safety and efficiency within the Maintenance Yard. The turntables are driven by two variable speed drives and controlled via Radio Remote or Local Pendant allowing the train drivers to operate the turntable safely. The turntables below have a capacity of 140t and span 23m allowing the table to turn locomotives and wagons.
Locomotive being turned in Esperance, Western Australia
Vector Lifting designs and fabricates its projects at its Western Australian office and workshop. Below is the process from In house manufacturing to the installation and commissioning of the turntable in Esperance
Bogie Turntable

Vector has also design and installed a number of bogie turntables as an additional maintenance unit with train maintenance facilities, with bogie turntables included in Craigieburn Train Maintenance Facility (x2), Dry Creek Maintenance Facility, Westall Train Maintenance Facility, Taiwan High Speed Rail and Nowergup.

The bogie turntable increase the flow of maintenance work within the facility reducing the handling of the bogies from when they are removed from the trains to the maintenance area


Bogie Turntable - Dry Creek Maintenance Facility



Taiwan High Speed Rail - Bogie Turntable 


Bogie Turntable leaves a flat trafficable floor 


Dual track Bogie turntable to service different areas within the maintenance facility