Abovefloor Lifting System & Train Jacks


Above Floor Lifting System - Train Jacking System

Abovefloor Lifting System


The Vector Lifting Abovefloor Lifting System has been adapted from its highly successful Underfloor Lifting System. The Abovefloor System was developed to reduce design, manufacturing and installation costs to the client. The Abovefloor system does not require extensive civil works therefore allowing for easier installation and maintenance.

The Vector Abovefloor Lifting System still possesses the same efficiency and safety features seen on the Underfloor System and has a proven track record with the installation of multiple systems in South Australia and Melbourne. The objective of the ALS is to allow maintenance crew to simultaneously lift train sets to an elevated height to allow personnel to safely work underneath the carriage.  


The Abovefloor Lifting System although mounted directly onto the existing floor still allows for a flat trafficable floor within the maintenance facility by the use of spring loaded covers. The ALS allows the train sets to be lifted to a designated height at which the body support claw is positioned to engage the support pad to support the train carriage while the bogies are lower for maintenance. 

Vector Lifting currently has Abovefloor Lifting Systems in 

·         Dry Creek Maintenance Facility, South Australia (DTEI Adelaide) 

·        Westall Train Maintenance Facility, Victoria (MTM)


ALS Features

 ·         Improved safety and efficiency  

 ·         Reduction in installation and maintenance cost

 ·         Designed and built to meet Australian Standards

·         In built safety features


Above Floor Lifting System - Train Jacks

Maintenance crew inspecting EMU from under the ALS

Bogie Removal on Above Floor Lifting System - Train Jacks

Bogie Removal


Radio Controlled Above Floor Lifting System

Abovefloor Lifting System - Lowered by the use of the Radio Transmitter

Fully raised Above Floor Lifting System

Abovefloor Lifting System - Full supported height.